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Pain Relief Instructions: "Old Remedies"

  • Take approximately a quarter size amount of "Old Remedies" Pain Relief, rub hands together and apply to area of pain.  Rub in until you feel either a cooling/warming sensation in area of pain. 
  • For added relief.  Apply a small amount of "Old Remedies" before shower and a small amount after shower.  This will intensify the active ingredients and will make it work for approximately 3-4 hours at a time.
  • For chronic pain:  Apply "Old Remedies" to painful area and then spray Natures Essentials Spray Eucalyptus into hands.  Rub hands together and apply to the area of pain.  This combination will intensify Old Remedies to where it will actively work for approximately 7-8 hours at a time.
  • "FOOT PAIN/HAPPY FEET"  Take a quarter size amount of  "Old Remedies Pain Relief" along with a small amount of "Shea Butter" into palms of hand, mix together in hands, then apply to feet.  Will leave your feet feeling renewed and refreshed!  We call this "HAPPY FEET!"


Eucalyptus Spray Pain Relief

  • Headaches:  Apply to temples, forehead and back of neck.  Spray additional amount into hands, rub hands together, cup hands over nose and take a good breath in to where you get a slight head rush.  Hold in for approximately 15 seconds and breathe out through the mouth.  Repeat several times and you should begin to feel some relief.
  • Insomnia:  Spray a small amount onto pillow casing or you can take a facial pad and saturate with Eucalyptus Spray and take and hold over nose area and take a good breathe in and hold for 15 seconds at a time.  Within minuets you will sleep soundly till morning.  (NOTE: This is remarkable and natural way to get a sound and restful nights rest.  You need to try it to believe it!)
  • Disinfect the home:  Diffuser, T-Burner, or humidifier
  • Sinus Relief:  Spray a small amount of Eucalyptus into hands or cotton ball rub onto nose along with taking a large breathe in through nose hold for approximately 15 seconds and exhale out of mouth.  Repeat 3-x's or more as necessary.
    Boil a cup of water, add one or two capfuls of Eucalyptus Spray beside the bed before retiring, this will help to heal cold symptoms and sore throat and will also kill dust mites.
  • Stress and Sinus Relief: Pour one or two capfuls of Eucalyptus Spray into warm bath or spray in shower.  You will feel like a new and refreshed person.
  • European Spa:  Spray a couple squirts of Eucalyptus Spray on shower walls approximately neck level.
  • Fast Relief of muscle , back, neck, leg, or arthritis pain:  Spray one or two squirts into hands, rub together and gently massage into the skin for longer results over area with plastic wrap and leave on for approximately 30 minuets.  Repeat as needed
  • Severe Colds, chest colds & congestion:  Take a facial towel or wash towel, dampen, spray the Eucalyptus on the dampen cloth, place into microwave for approximately 2 minuets depending on microwave, place on chest or throat to break down the congestion. Repeat as needed.



Eucalyptus Salve

  • Colds:  Rub onto chest area and apply around nose for nasal congestion.
  • Exema/Scrias:  First apply "Old Time Remedies" pain relief to affected area, then apply the Eucalyptus Salve or Peppermint Foot Salve over the top to make a sealant for added protection of area and keep it moist at all times.  You should feel relief immediately plus see added results from application within days.  Must be used on a consistent bases  for best results.


Peppermint Foot Salve

  • Diabetic Feet: Take a small amount rub hand together and apply to feet as normal.  For added relief, apply small amount of Natures Essentials "Old Remedies Pain Relief over the top.
  • Exema/Scrias:  First apply  "Old Time Remedies" pain relief to affected area, then apply the Eucalyptus Salve or Peppermint Foot Salve to where you should feel relief immediately plus see added results from application within days.  Must be used on a consistent basis for best results.

Skin Enhancement Products

  • 5 N 1 Cream:  Wash Face, Cold Cream, Night Cream, Make-Up Remover, Hand and Body Lotion.  "Washing Face":  Apply to face in circular motion and rinse with luke warm water.   "Cold Cream":  Apply to face and wipe face as normal.  "Night Cream":  Apply to face in a circular motion and let cream remain on face through out the night and rinse with luke warm water in morning and pat dry with towel. 
  • Skin Toner:  Shake skin toner well and spray onto facial pad for best results.  Note: Do not just pat the skin, must have contact with skin.  Take facial pad and go in an upward motion.
    For added results, after using toner first time, saturate new pad and hold in the sections of the face that needs to be tighter or deep creases in face, will lift and tighten that particular spot.
  • Shea Butter:  Take a dab of Shea Butter, place in palm of hand and rub hands together or take two middle fingers and rub in circular motion on hand to melt, then apply all over face, neck and chest area or any where on body.  Note: After application, if you have to much shea butter on face and is very greasy, use dry facial towel and take off the excess to your liking.
  • Eye Lift:  Take a small amount and place all around the eyes or small amount in palm of hands and apply to eyes first and then the remainder of the entire face, neck and chest areas.  The "Eye Lift" may be used all over the entire face as needed for deeper creases and wrinkles.
    Use toner and eye lift at bedtime to as moisturizer lift.  Note: Eye lift will penetrate up to 5 layers of skin and activate the skin below the dermis.  If to greasy, take dry towel and wipe off to your liking.  It will leave a glow from the product.... take dry facial product and wipe off all excess "Eye Lift" "and facial regiem from face and will leave natural glow as if back in teenage years again.
  • Radiant Touch Skin Serum:  Three to four drops in palm of hand, apply to both eyes, then rub hand together and apply all over face and neck line.  Also can be used at bed time treatment.... Toner first and do two applications of Radiant Touch Skin Serum and leave on skin till morning for maximum results.  Can also be used to top off the complete régime to give it that added luster and glow for an import occasion.

Shea Butter Directions

  • Apply a small amount of Shea butter into palm of hands and rub hands together and butter will melt immediately. Apply to face, hands, legs, and cracked heals.
  • "Happy Feet:" Shea Butter and Old Remedies pain relief: Small amount of each in hands and rub hands together until blended and melted completely. Apply to feet. (Happy Feet). Will help sooth and pamper feet after a long day on your feet.
  • Thickening of Skin: Apply a small amount of Shea Butter into palms of hands and rub together and apply to arms, neck and hands.
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