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Pain Relief

Old Time Remedies


Pure Eucalyptus Spray


Emu Oil


Eucalyptus Salve


Peppermint Foot Salve

  100% Pure African Shea Butter
bullet Shea Butter Soaps
bullet Lavender Soufflé
bullet Mango Soufflé
bullet Deep Dark Tanning Body Butter
bullet Renew Tattoo
All Natural Facial Products
bullet 100% Pure Shea Butter
bullet Skin Toner
bullet Eye Lift
bullet 5 N 1 Facial Cream
bullet Acne Relief
bullet Radiant Touch Skin Serum


  Bath and Body Products
bullet "Angels Breath Soufflé
Essentially Yours Natures Essentials exclusive bath and
beauty products.
bullet Saltz Glow
bullet Body Wash
bullet Shea Butter Soaps
bullet Lip Balms
bullet Shea Butter Hand & Body Lotions


Essential Oils
  • Pure essential oils and bulk supplies.

Bulk Supplies and Containers
Wholesale pricing available upon request.

  • Representatives
  • Retail & Health Food Stores.
  •  Quantity Purchases
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    ***please call for your first order:

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